You ask, we tell.

Q. Are the free vacuums really free?

A. Absolutely. Customers of Pete’s Express Car Wash can use the free vacuums after they have paid for a car wash.

Q. Don’t car washes waste water?

A. Unlike washing a car in the drive way, we use a minimum amount of new water per wash. Washing a car at home uses much more water than we do! Before our wastewater is discharged to the sanitary sewer system, we remove oil and dirt. And unlike washing a car in the driveway, we never release wastewater to storm drains, surface waters, or to the ground. This is our community too and we want to keep it clean! We share with our customers the desire to conserve water and protect the environment. We also conserve water through the use of specially designed spray nozzles. The nozzles are timed by a computer to go on and off at the appropriate time and the also spray angle that uses less water.

Q. Why not wash my car in my driveway?

A.When someone washes their car in the driveway, the detergents, oils and hard dirt pollutants are deposited into the storm sewers which run into our local lakes, streams, and rivers.

Q. Is washing my car going to help it?

A.Our soaps and polishes help protect and maintain your vehicles finish and help maintain the value of your vehicle. Plus, a clean car feels great!

Here are a few suggestions to maintain the finish of your car:

  • Wash off bugs as soon as possible. The acid from the bugs will eat the cars finish.
  • Wash off tree sap as soon as you notice it. Tree sap will stick to your car’s finish and becomes baked on especially in the summer heat if not removed immediately.
  • Wash off bird droppings as soon as possible. Bird droppings also contain acid that will eat at the clear coat and painted surface of your car’s finish.