About Pete’s Express Car Wash

A Solid Company. A Good Neighbor. A Fine Addition to Your Community.

We have been a fixture on the Main Line since 1986. We have over 50 years of combined car washing experience. Pete’s Express Car Washes help protect the environment by using both fresh & recycled water in our wash process and our wash solutions are biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Pete’s Express Car Wash is a well-established business offering a fast, convenient washing service. We are a family owned and operated, express-service car wash delivering industry excellence within our communities. We’ve been rewarded over the years with a successful business and the opportunity to expand into even more markets.

Our Commitment is Real

From schools and churches, to businesses and township organizations, we’re always available to help support the community. We have involvements with several charities such as Washes for Wishes, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Helping Hands. We believe that businesses should encourage growth in their communities. It isn’t just about offering a quick, convenient car wash service. It’s about delivering a quality priced service at an affordable cost that generates an ever rewarding benefit back to the community.

Pete's Express Car Wash

When It Comes to the Car Wash, We Broke the Mold

Our convenient, affordable facilities are built to be clean as well as efficient. The express services we offer at Pete’s Express allow for a process that quickly cleans your car in manner that allows you to get a rapid service leaving you with plenty of time to get on with your day. Having a clean car should not be a time-consuming process. That is why we have engineered the services at Pete’s Express facilities to be instantaneous. We offer an economical service without leaving you feeling hurried.

We Care About our Environment

We don’t just want to offer a quickly cleaned car at a reasonable cost. We want to offer a convenient service while being careful about what we put into our water supply. That is why we have a water filtration system that recycles the water we use to achieve your quickly cleaned car. We do not sacrifice our environment for an easily accessible service offered at a budgeted cost.

We are Good for the Neighborhood

Our express services are not only offered at a reasonable cost. We go above this by establishing a business that any community would welcome with open arms. Our employment-generating business also focuses on having a clean facility that improves the overall appearance any community we operate in. Other excellent reasons our business stand out are:

  • Our Prices are UnmatchedOur express services are meant to be offered at an affordable cost. We expertly price our car wash services to be competitive while maintaining our unrelenting belief in quality. Convenience does not mean a sacrifice in service. Rather, convenience is a part of our service we offer with Pete’s Express.
  • Our Facilities are Clean
    Too many times businesses offer a hushed experience in an establishment that is not well kept. We do not believe in this. Our facilities are consistently maintained to have a fresh, new look every time you visit us. Whether you want a quick service or a simple rinse, you should be offered our easy, accessible services in a facility that is expertly cleaned.
  • Come Join our Team and See the Opportunities We Offer
    We offer a wide range of possibilities with us. The opportunities we offer are endless.

Come in today and purchase a gift card at any value. The perfect gift for anyone who likes a clean car!